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Audrey on Streaming Light Set

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The Gypsy Vanner’s history is a meandering path that leads remarkably close to present day. Gypsies have roamed Europe and other places for all of human history, with notable populations still extant at present. At some point in their colorful history, Gypsies began working to breed a beautiful yet sturdy horse perfect for their lifestyle. It had to be distinctive, strong, not too large, patient, good with children, and able to pull a gypsy caravan. From Clydesdales, Friesians, and a few other breeds, the Gypsy Vanner, capable of pulling a caravan, was born. However, because of their more reclusive lifestyle, the horse the Gypsies bred and raised wasn’t known widely to the rest of the world until 1996, when an American couple began to research gypsies and their horses and established the breed registry. Their extensive feathering and gentle nature made Gypsy Vanners instantly popular, and the horses are very well known today.

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