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Our Process

Our Toys That Teach® recipe is equal parts creativity, research & magic
Safari Ltd. Hand Molded Toys

Here’s how the sauce gets made

First, our team decides what awesome new toys we should make.

Then, our sculptors and artists perform research and use their imagination to make that concept into a three-dimensional model.

Here comes the cool part: that toy gets manufactured to life!

And just like that, an idea becomes something real. #MAGIC


We pride ourselves in our creative work! Our toys meet the demanding standards of accuracy and detail that make them appeal to kiddos, educators and discerning collectors. We like to say our toys are collectables you can play with. And we mean it. What good is a toy on a shelf? Our educational figurines are made to be played with and will stand the test of time (or bored toddler). Safari Ltd Hand Painted Toys

Sculpting and Painting Magic

Our sculptors and artists specialize in everything from wildlife, dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, all the way to dragons and mythical creatures of folklore and legend! They do thorough research and consult with experts on figures that require scientific accuracy and dig deep into their own well of creativity and ingenuity to bring fantastical beasts to life. That’s pretty cool, huh?

Our toys are safe!

Our toys are specially designed to be safe and educational for children that will last for generations.

We make sure all of our toys meet or exceed worldwide safety requirements… and we design eco-friendly, minimalist packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable because team earth.

Our toys are non-toxic. We perform rigorous testing on our toys every year to ensure that they are free of harmful lead and other chemicals, including additives like phthalates and BPAs.