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Blue Budgie Toy

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"Budgie" is short for "Budgerigar", the common name of this parakeet in its native Australia. It isn't known exactly where the word "Budgerigar" comes from, though it might be a corruption of the slang word "budgery" meaning "good". The bird is also known as the Australian shell parakeet.

Social and affectionate, budgies have been kept as pets for over a decade. They can be taught to whistle, sing, and some have even been known to speak with a vocabulary of over a hundred words. Interestingly, males have a much higher proclivity towards speaking than females do. However, the easiest way to tell apart a male and female budgie is the color of the “ceres,” which is the area containing their nostrils. On a male, the ceres is normally blue, whereas the ceres of a female is white or brown. Can you discern what gender this figurine is?

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