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Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy

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Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the very first dinosaurs to be discovered and described. Isolated teeth and other isolated bones were found in the American west as early as 1872, but no one was sure what sort of animal they belonged to. In 1900, Barnum Brown, a famous collector working at the American Museum of Natural History, discovered the first T. rex skeleton in Wyoming. Over the next five years, he found four more skeletons, although none of them was complete. Henry Osborn, also of the American Museum of Natural History, described and named Tyrannosaurus rex in 1905 based on this material. The largest of Brown’s skeletons can be seen on display at the American Museum, and another is on display at the Cleveland Museum on Natural History. After these initial finds, T. rex skeletons proved to be rare, but occasionally, new skeletons have come to light. One of the most famous is a T. rex called ‘Sue’ (guess what gender paleontologists think it is) that was collected in 1990 in South Dakota, and is now on exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. It is the most complete skeleton of T. rex, with nearly every single bone preserved in place.

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