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Stag Dragon Toy

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The Stag Dragon probably went extinct during the most recent ice age, around 14,000 years ago. Fortunately, a frozen specimen was discovered intact in the Ural Mountains of Asia, so draconologists were able to discover a great deal about this strange creature. Unlike some species of dragons that combine traits from multiple animals, the Stag Dragon appears to be some sort of intermediary form, a link between a small species of forest dragon and the Irish Elk. No human has ever recorded sighting a Stag Dragon.


The Stag Dragon bellowed, the sound somewhere between a roar and a grunt. It had been seen by the two-legged hunters, and now it had to run and hide to avoid capture. It would have been easy to skewer the mostly hairless creatures with its massive antlers, but the Stag Dragon had been convinced long ago by a wiser dragon that it should not bother the small, intelligent creatures, for they knew the power of fire. So it ran through the snowy forests, crashing into trees and causing loads of snow to fall behind it. It came upon an opening, a vast expanse of snow-covered grass. Large brown lumps filled the fields. They were mammoths, one of the few beasts of this world larger than the Stag Dragon. It had an idea. Charging across the field, it snorted and stomped, rousing the larger beasts. Soon, the herd was on the move, and the Stag Dragon trotted in the middle, completely invisible to the humans who’d appeared at the edge of the field. Once again, it was a close escape.

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