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Angus Cow

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Angus cattle are by far the most popular beef cattle in the world. The reasons are many, including early maturity, large size, good herd health, and of course, tasty beef. But perhaps the greatest advantage Angus cattle have is a result of centuries of breeding among near perfect conditions in their native Scotland. Based on cave paintings of hornless cattle, some experts guess that Angus descended from bovines that were indigenous to the British Isles. In any case, northern Scotland is a good place to be a cow. The Atlantic Ocean moderates air temperatures, keeping winters less frigid and summers temperate, allowing cattle to spend much of the year in an ideal climate. Regular rainfall keeps the grass green, and despite the hilly geography, there is no shortage of good grass. All it took to turn these natural advantages into the world’s most popular beef cattle was the tenacious efforts of 19th century Scottish farmers and breeders.

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