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Pelagic Fish TOOB

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The pelagic ecosystem is centered on phytoplankton. These plant-based organisms utilize the sun to generate nourishment through photosynthesis, and are in turn fed on by other animals, which provide prey for larger and larger animals. As the water gets deeper and further from the sun, the water becomes darker and colder, pressure increases, and nutrients are in shorter supply. Life forms become less common as depth increases.

The pelagic zone is further divided into 5 different areas based on depth: the Epipelagic near the surface which receives full sunlight, the Mesopelagic from 660 feet to 3,300 feet which receives some sunlight, the Bathypelagic from 3,300 feet to 13,000 feet which is pitch black, the Abyssopelagic from 13,000 feet to the sea floor, and the Hadopelagic which includes the water in the ocean’s deepest trenches.

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