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Sea Dragon Toy

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Sea dragons, the scourge of the seas, have been sighted and feared by many a watchful sailor since the earliest days of seagoing vessels. The Mediterranean Sea, with its many underwater caves, small islands, and dangerous coves, provided an especially good habitat. As sailing ships grew larger, the threat of sea dragons lessened, but it was only with the advent of iron ships that sailors could breathe feely at sea.


While sea dragons were thought to swim the entire zone between the tropics, they appear most often in the legends and artwork of Mediterranean cultures. The Phoenicians were especially adept at ship building, and they traded up and down the eastern edge of the sea. This led to countless interactions with the terrifying sea dragons that inhabited those turbulent waters. Phoenician storytellers told of one dragon that would hide in rocky shoals where whirlpools were common. When ships turned into deeper water, the dragon would strike, attempting to capsize the ship.

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