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Gnorman the Gnome - Blue

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Gnorman the Gnome became the official traveling Gnome of Safari Ltd in 2015. Before that, he’d lived the jolly, mischievous life of a Gnome, playing tricks on other Gnomes or hiding things from humans in their gardens. In his new role, he travels the world to see new places and try new things, all the while making great friends.


Gnorman the Gnome has always loved food and friends, and as Safari Ltd’s official traveling Gnome, he gets plenty of both. He packs light, carrying only a spare shirt, and he moves quickly, visiting a sandy beach one day and a bustling city the next.

And the food, oh the food. Gnorman loves it all: sweet treats, fine delicacies, fresh veggies, and even pizza!

But meeting new friends is the best part of being an official traveling Gnome. Once he took tea with a pair of fairies; another time he met a whole flock of cute yellow ducklings. He even met a Princess Dragon once, and he keeps the photo in his suitcase with his spare shirt.

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