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Moray Eels - 192 pcs - Good Luck Minis®

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Moray eels get a bad rap for being aggressive and vicious, but they actually prefer to be left alone and would rather swim away than attack. They have two sets of jaws, both of which contain teeth, which help them grab prey and pull it into their throat.

In contrast to the belief that they are bad tempered, some moray eels have actually been observed cooperating with grouper fish to hunt prey. The moray eel is able to squeeze into tight spaces where the grouper won’t fit, forcing prey out into the open where the moray and grouper can both feed on it.

Morays lack scales, so their skin is covered with a protective mucus. In the case of the green moray, this slimy covering makes the moray appear yellow green, when its actual skin color is a dark blue or brown.

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