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Rhinos - 192 pcs - Good Luck Minis

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There are actually 5 separate species of Rhinoceros, scattered from Java to Africa, with conservation statuses from critically endangered to near threatened. Their range was once much larger, as cave paintings in Europe attest to their existence there at one time. Going back 30 million years, the 20-ton Paraceratherium, or Giant Rhinoceros, was the largest land mammal that ever lived. As the Earth cooled and eventually entered an ice age, the large mammals grew smaller, and species such as the Wooly Rhino appeared. Thousands of years of climate shifts and human hunting shrunk the range of the Rhino as it continued to adapt slowly. Today, the several species cling to life in scattered enclaves, still threatened by poachers who desire their horns. Conservation efforts are in full swing to guard protected areas.

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