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Cryptozoology Designer TOOB

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Cryptozoology is a study of animals or beings whose existence has not yet been scientifically proven. Often, creatures targeted by cryptozoologists are only known from legend or folklore, or sometimes witness sightings.

The Loch Ness Monster is a cryptid believed to inhabit Loch Ness lake in Scotland. Reports date back to 565 AD.

Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) is a large ape-like animal thought to inhabit the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

The Yeti (aka Meh-Teh, aka Abominable Snowman) is a white-furred, ape-like creature from the mountainous Himalayas, with roots in Nepalese folklore.

The Jackalope is a jackrabbit with antlers that was part of the folklore of early lumberjacks in the United States. Lumberjacks would often describe “fearsome critters” around campfires as a way to joke with and frighten other lumberjacks.

The Furry Trout (aka Shaggy Trout or Fur-bearing Trout) is a mythical creature found in tall tales of the United States, Canada and Iceland.

The Kraken of Scandinavian and Norse legends is a large beast like an octopus or squid, known to be able to sink ships or grab sailors and pull them into the sea. It’s possible that the Kraken is an exaggeration of the Giant Squid, an animal we know exists today.

The Coelacanth is a type of primitive fish that was believed to have died out millions of years ago, until a living example was discovered in 1938 off the coast of South Africa. The Coelacanth is living proof that you never truly know what may be discovered.

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