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Bigfoot Toy

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The legend of Bigfoot has persisted in North America, specifically in the northwestern regions of Washington and British Colombia, Canada, for hundreds of years. People of the First Nation tribes in the area described giant man-like creatures living in the nearby mountains, and the alternate name for the creature - Sasquatch – is derived from the first nation word sásq'ets.

Bigfoot is believed to be a myth by many scientists, though sightings continue to occur. Explanations for what people could be seeing range from some type of bear (perhaps with a disease such as mange) to a type of ape or human ancestor long thought to be extinct.

Many hoaxes have been perpetrated to take advantage of peoples’ belief in the monster. Many individuals have claimed over the years to have captured or killed a Bigfoot, only to be exposed as phony. The most popular piece of Bigfoot “evidence” is known as the Patterson Film, which was shot in 1967 in Northern California, and appears to show a large hairy creature walking upright. 

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