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Safari Ltd Tyrannosaurus Rex Figures

Which T-Rex Dinosaur Toy Will Rule Them All?

For centuries, dinosaurs have captivated and fascinated people, ever since the discovery of their fossilized bones opened a window into the creatures of our planet’s distant past. Children in particular frequently find these ancient reptiles especially exciting.

There are many dinosaurs over the years that have risen through the ranks to become popular with kids – Triceratops, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, just to name a few – but one rises above all others. The Tyrant Lizard King, Tyrannosaurus rex, has long been the most talked about dinosaur since shortly after its discovery in 1905. It’s easy to see why: it’s a huge predatory dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex grew over 40 feet in length, with a massive skull and razor-sharp serrated reeth that could reach up to a foot long! Tyrannosaurus is a monster straight out of medieval fantasy…except it really existed. Thanks to greatly preserved, nearly complete specimens like SUE, we have a pretty good idea of what Tyrannosaurus looked like, which also adds to its popularity.

Given its popularity with children (T-Rex appears in movies, cartoons, tv shows and other media), it’s no surprise that Tyrannosaurus rex (often abbreviated T. rex or T-Rex) is one of the most well-represented dinosaurs when it comes to toys. Over the years, Safari Ltd has offered a large number of T-Rex toys, many of which are still available through our website. But which T-Rex figure is right for you or your child?

Let’s take a look at Safari Ltd’s various T-Rex dinosaur toys. There’s bound to be one you can’t wait to take home!

The King of Dino Toys - Classic T-Rex Figures

If what you’re looking for is a straightforward representation of T-Rex, with no gimmicks, just a well-crafted and detailed version of the Tyrant Lizard King, you’ve got a few options.

On the larger side, there’s our Great Dinos T-Rex. Our Great Dinos collection is full of large, hollow, durable dino toys that are meant to be played with. The Great Dinos Rex measures a foot long and is a great choice for outdoor and sandbox play.

Great Dinos Large Tyrannosaurus Rex FigureWild Safari Prehistoric World Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy

On the smaller side of things, you can find a few T-Rex options in our Wild Safari Prehistoric World collection. There’s this straightforward T-Rex option that measures just about seven inches long. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more menacing, this T-Rex design is about the same size, with a bit of an angrier look.

If you’re looking for a more scientifically accurate version, this walking brown T-Rex is a bit larger and more detailed. It’s a more modern take on the top predator of the Cretaceous, incorporating features such as a tail held high of the ground, and non-pronated wrists (which means the palms of the hand face toward each other, instead of down toward the ground).

Green Wild Safari Prehistoric World T-Rex Toy
Wild Safari Prehistoric World Walking Brown T-Rex

The Feathered Tyrant King - Feathered T-Rex Figure

More recently, one of the biggest controversies to arise around T-Rex, one which Safari Ltd has covered on our blog before, is whether or not the Tyrant King Tyrannosaurus Rex was covered in scales or feathers. It’s known that many dinosaurs had feathers, including large relatives of Tyrannosaurus. However, skin impressions from T-Rex imply it had a scaly skin. There are still a lot of unknowns…T-Rex may have had feathers that did not preserve in the fossil record, or perhaps it was only partially covered in feathers.

We may never know the answer, but that’s part of the fun. All dinosaur reconstructions, from toys to scientific models, involve some degree of speculation, as all of our knowledge is based on what little is left of creatures that lived over 65 million years ago.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure

One of Safari Ltd’s most popular T-Rex figures has been the Feathered Tyrannosaurus rex, a highly detailed and accurate version of what this monster predator would look like if it were mostly covered in feathers. This striking figure is a foot long and packed with awesome detail, right down to the battle scarring on its face. If you’re looking for a toy to spark a scientific discussion, this is the T-Rex for you.

T-Rex Toy Snappers and Grabbers

Figurines are not the only T-Rex dinosaur toys Safari Ltd has to offer. If you’re looking for a more interactive experience, we’ve got you covered!

Green T-Rex Snapper Toy

T-Rex had the strongest bite force of any known land animal in history – over 12,000 pounds of force! What better way to celebrate that chomping power with a T-Rex Snapper? Available in three styles – green, brown, or a fossilized skull – this snapper toy chomps its jaws open and closed with the squeeze of a handle!

Brown T-Rex Snapper Toy
T-Rex Skull Snapper Toy

Another great option that showcases the T-Rex’s powerful bite is the Jaw Snapping Tyrannosaurus Rex figure! Simply squeeze the pull mechanism on the underside of the figure, and its head and neck will shoot forward to deliver a chomp. No batteries required!

T-Rex Jaw Snapping Toy

Small but Fierce – Tiny T-Rex Toys

T-Rex may have been large in life, but your toys don’t have to be. If you’re looking for Tyrannosaurus toys on the smaller end of the spectrum, Safari Ltd has plenty to offer.

T-Rex is featured in many of our dinosaur themed TOOBS. TOOBS are sets of small figurines, usually around three inches or so each, packaged in a re-sealable clear TOOB with a latchable top and carry handle. They make great travel toys, and are perfect for matching activities, sand play, sensory bins and more.

Dinos TOOB Toys Set

You can find T-Rex in our Dinos, Dino Babies, Feathered Dinos, Dinosaur Skulls, and Sue & Friends TOOBS.

Dinosaur Skulls TOOB Toys

Feathered Dinos TOOB Toys Set

Our T-Rex toys get even smaller, though – check out our Good Luck Minis T-Rex, available in a bag of 192 pieces, or as part of our Dino Fun Pack with seven other mini dino friends. Good Luck Minis are tiny mini-figures that are each about an inch long. They make great giveaways and party favors, and are perfect for DIY activities. They also make great teaching tools for sorting and counting activities.

Good Luck Minis T-Rex ToyDinos Fun Pack Good Luck Minis Toy Set

A Plethora of Prehistoric T-Rex Toys!

As you can see, Safari Ltd stocks plenty of T-Rex dinosaur toys that appeal to the young and the young at heart. Figures, snappers, minis – there’s even a T-Rex dinosaur and egg hand puppet from our friends at Folkmanis Puppets! Whether you’re searching for the right T-Rex toy for a dinosaur loving child, a science teacher, an accuracy-minded dino collector, or a DIY enthusiast looking for a Cretaceous craft idea…Safari Ltd has T-Rex toys for your needs.

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