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How To DIY an at-home Halloween Party with figurines

How To DIY an at-home Halloween Party with figurines

Halloween is creeping up! (See what I did there?)

As a former teacher, I love a good holiday party. Since we’ve been stuck at home for a while I thought now would be a great time to turn Halloween into more than just trick-or-treating. I was able to create this small Halloween party with all our animal figurines and some dollar store supplies. The kids thought it was wickedly cute!

Hanging Bats

If you want to add some dimension to your Halloween party decor these hanging bat figurines are perfect. It took all of 3 minutes to drill holes in these bats and string some fishing line through. Don’t be fooled by the size of the drill bit. A larger bit is needed to ensure enough room for the needle and fishing line because of the material of the figurines.

They have a rubber like consistency that causes the hole to shrink back up a bit. I taped the fishing line up to the ceiling using painters tape but they can also be tied around a a light fixture if you have one above the table you are using.


  • Safari Ltd Brown Bat
  • Fishing Line
  • Drill
  • 5/32 inch drill bit
  • Needle Scissors
  • Steps

    1. Drill a hole through the body of your Brown bat
    2. String the fishing line through the needle and the needle through the hole
    3. Tie a knot at the end of the line
    4. Hang your bat from the ceiling (I used painters tape) or tie it to any light fixture above your table.

    Animal Place Settings

    These animal place settings double as little party favors. To make it easier, you can order the black wolves. I already had some gray wolves on hand so I went ahead and spray painted them along with the cats. If you have more guests you can also sub in the Domestic Cats Toob that comes with 11 smaller figurines. Make sure to lay out the animals and name tags how you want them displayed before adding your letter stickers.


    • Safari Ltd cat and wolf figurines
    • Black spray paint
    • Paper name tags
    • Letter stickers


    1. Spray paint your safari figurines black
    2. Write out names using letter stickers on each name tag
    3. Feed the twine through the hole on the name tag and tie a knot
    4. Wrap the twine around the animal snack and tie a small bow

    Candy Jars

    These jars are a remake of a previous Safari DIY. Such a quick and simple project added such a cute touch to the party decor. I found some candy eyeballs and skull rings to fill the opaque jars.


    • 2 Safari Ltd Ravens
    • 2 Plastic craft jars
    • Gorilla Glue
    • Halloween candy


    1. Add a drop of Gorilla Glue to the top center of each lid
    2. Position the raven on the drop of glue
    3. Set aside and let dry
    4. Fill it with candy and seal the jar with the raven lid

    Zombie Candle Centerpieces

    I have seen this same idea executed before for adult parties and had to come up with a way to tailor it for young kids. I found these shorter and thicker wine glasses at the dollar store and swapped out real candles for battery operated ones. They are heavy enough that they will stay put and if, by chance they tip over, there will be no fire disaster.

    Make sure that you try your figures under each glass first. Since my wine glasses were shorter, not all the zombie figurines fit underneath them. I also added some extra candy pieces for some extra detail but they’ll look just as good either way.


    • Safari Ltd Zombies Super Toob
    • Small wine glasses
    • Battery operated candles
    • Play-Doh - orange, green, and purple
    • Halloween candy (Extra- not necessary)


    1. Test your wine cups over the zombie figures to make sure they fit
    2. Decide which figures you want displayed under which cups
    3. Choose a Play-Doh color and press down to flatten it to approximately 1/4 inch thickness
    4. Use your wine glass to make a slight indentation (do not remove excess Play-Doh yet)
    5. Assemble your zombies within the indentation mark (add candy if wanted)
    6. Replace your wine glass onto the figures and Play-Doh and press down firmly to separate the excess Play-Doh
    7. Remove excess Play-Doh Gently lift the Play-Doh along with the wine glass, off of your work space and place on your halloween party table

    DeAna Dunn is a former special education and science teacher turned stay-at-home mom to 3 toddlers. Living life in survival mode.

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