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A grouping of Safari Ltd Dragons figurines.

A Guide to Safari Ltd Dragon Figurines: From Happy to Sinister

Safari Ltd offers a wide variety of unique and fascinating dragon toys, which are excellent figures for encouraging creative and imaginative play. They’re also great for just displaying on a shelf, and can make pretty awesome game pieces for tabletop campaigns.

However, it can be tough to keep track of them all. For example, some are friendly, while others are quite the opposite. So we’ve put together a handy guide to try and help you better understand Safari Ltd’s range of dragon figures.

Emotional Dragon Figures

These are dragon toys that are meant to represent a specific emotion or feeling. Take the Happy Dragon figure, for example, with his bright purple and orange coloration and his toothy smiling expression. He just embodies happiness, doesn’t he?

Safari Ltd Happy Dragon Figure

Happy Dragon Figure

Then there’s the Grumpy Dragon figurine, with his sour expression and crossed arms. This dragon figure is the epitome of upset.

Safari Ltd Grumpy Dragon Figure

Grumpy Dragon Figure

Other Emotional Dragon figurines include the curled up Sleepy Dragon figure,

Safari Ltd Sleepy Dragon Figure

Sleepy Dragon Figure

the elegant pink Love Dragon figurine (and it’s cute baby), and the groovy Peace Dragon figure.

Safari Ltd Love Dragon and Baby Love Dragon Figures

Love Dragon and Baby Love Dragon Figures

Safari Ltd Peace Dragon Figure

Peace Dragon Figure

Elemental Dragon Toys

Elemental dragon figures are those that represent a specific element or substance occurring in nature. Examples include the Glow-in-the-Dark Snow Dragon figure, or its close relation the Ice Dragon, representing the colder elements.

Safari Ltd Glow in the Dark Snow Dragon Figure

Glow in the Dark Snow Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Ice Dragon Figure

Ice Dragon Figure

On the opposite side of the spectrum would be the Lava Dragon and Fire Dragon figures, which representing the hottest substances on Earth.

Safari Ltd Lava Dragon Figure

Lava Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Fire Dragon Figure

Fire Dragon Figure

Some of our dragon figures are physical embodiments of substances that can’t be touched or felt. These include the Cloud Dragon, Fog Dragon, and Smoke Dragon figurines.

Safari Ltd Cloud Dragon Figure

Cloud Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Smoke Dragon Figure

Smoke Dragon Figure

Elemental dragons can represent some of the largest known objects, like the Sun Dragon figure, or some of the smallest, like the Flower Dragon. The goal of these dragons is to protect and speak for these elements and natural objects that otherwise have no voice for themselves.

Safari Ltd Sun Dragon Figure

Sun Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Flower Dragon Figure

Flower Dragon Figure

Regional Dragon Figurines

Somewhat similar to elemental dragons, regional dragons are the physical manifestation of a specific type of natural or geographical area. These dragon figures are the guardians of these regions, and embody the physical characteristics of these natural areas, as well as some of the animals and plants that live within these regions.

The Ocean Dragon figure and its baby represent the seas, and feature fish-like fins and tails, and anglerfish-like glowing lures on their heads. These dragons feature scales of vibrant blue like the waves of the ocean.

Safari Ltd Ocean Dragon and Ocean Dragon Baby Figures

Ocean Dragon and Baby Ocean Dragon Figures

The Desert Dragon, meanwhile, represents the areas where water is scarce. Its hard outer shell reflects the unforgiving nature of the desert, with a sandy brown color that embodies shifting sand dunes. Its tail, legs and claws resemble the scorpions often found in sandy, arid environments.

Safari Ltd Desert Dragon Figure
Desert Dragon Figure

The Jungle Dragon figurine embodies tropical forests, and its scales resemble leaves while its horns are like branches. The Arctic Dragon toy, meanwhile, features a shaggy pale coat of fur to reflect its frigid environment.

Safari Ltd Jungle Dragon Figure

Jungle Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Arctic Dragon Figure

Arctic Dragon Figure

While most regional dragons represent locations you’re probably familiar with, some embody fantastical realms, like the shimmering Crystal Cavern Dragon.

Safari Ltd Crystal Cavern Dragon Figure

Crystal Cavern Dragon Figure

Then there’s the Earth Dragon, which can be viewed as the ruler of them all, as it embodies the Earth itself. This figure features wings reflecting the starry night sky, tree trunk-like legs, leafy branching horns, and a set of spines along its back that curl like ocean waves.

Safari Ltd Earth Dragon Figure

Earth Dragon Figure

Malevolent Dragon Figures

These dragons represent the nastier side of our dragon figurines. They are not friendly, and are among the most dangerous of dragons.

The Sinister Dragon figure, with its spiky tail and toothy grin, radiates malice and malevolence. Same for the spiky Thorn Dragon figurine, with its spiny crown and razor sharp teeth.

Safari Ltd Sinister Dragon Figure

Sinister Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Thorn Dragon Figure

Thorn Dragon Figure

The skeletal Ghost Dragon figurine is only seen on the darkest, spookiest nights, and this dragon toy would give just about anyone a fright with its twisted form and tattered wings. Another creature of the night is the all black Twilight Dragon figure, which likes to sneak up on those who least expect it.

Safari Ltd Ghost Dragon Figure

Ghost Dragon FigureSafari Ltd Twilight Dragon Figure
Twilight Dragon Figure

Not every malevolent dragon is so obvious in its intentions, however. The Wizard Dragon figure, for example, relies on cunning and trickery rather than overt anger and evil.

Safari Ltd Wizard Dragon Figure

Wizard Dragon Figure

Benevolent Dragon Toys

While there are quite a few dragons with ill intent, not all of our dragon figures seek to do you harm. Many are peaceful creatures who exist to help and aid others. These are the benevolent dragons. One shining example is the Good Luck Dragon figure. This furry friend and its cute baby bring good fortune to all who encounter them.

Safari Ltd Good Luck Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Baby Good Luck Dragon Figure

Good Luck Dragon and Baby Good Luck Dragon Figures

The Fairy Dragon figurine is a friend and protector to all mystical fantasy creatures, especially the pixies, sprites and fairies who love to cause mischief. The Princess Dragon figure is also a kind spirit, and it is said that when it appears at a royal coronation, it is a sign that the king or queen will rule with wisdom and courage.

Safari Ltd Fairy Dragon Figure

Fairy Dragon Figure
Safari Ltd Princess Dragon Figure
Princess Dragon Figure

Some benevolent dragon figures are quite fierce looking, even though their intentions are pure. The armored Guardian Dragon figure, for example, is a loyal and valiant protector. The Freedom Dragon figurine, with its watchful eagle eye, is a creature devoted to the liberty of all living creatures.

Safari Ltd Guardian Dragon Figure

Guardian Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Freedom Dragon Figure

Freedom Dragon Figure

Then, there’s the stoic Gnome Dragon figure. This silly looking dragon prefers the company of gnomes over his own kind, and is believed to be a shape-shifting dragon who got stuck mimicking a gnome form.

Safari Ltd Gnome Dragon Figure

Gnome Dragon Figure

Strange Dragon Figurines

These are dragon figures that don’t fit into any specific category, and usually feature a very strange or unique trait that sets them apart. Take, for example, the balloon-like Puff Dragon figure. This dragon inflates itself with air to float away when threatened.

Safari Ltd Puff Dragon Figure

Puff Dragon Figure

Then there’s the Alien Dragon figure, a mysterious insectoid creature from parts unknown. It is believed this figure crashed into Earth inside of a giant meteor, but nobody knows for sure.

Safari Ltd Alien Dragon Figure

Alien Dragon Figure

The Steampunk Dragon figurine is another mysterious monster, seemingly made up of enchanted mechanical parts. An animated mass of rusted gears and clanking chains, this metallic menace is unique among its dragon peers.

Safari Ltd Steampunk Dragon Figure

Steampunk Dragon Figure

The Two-headed Dragon figure is another oddity. This unusual dragon has two heads; one features two eyes and two horns, while the other is a cyclops with a single eye and a singular horn.

Safari Ltd 2-Headed Dragon Figure

Two-Headed Dragon Figure

Historic Dragon Toys

Finally, we have our dragon figures that are based on historical folklore of dragons from different cultures around the world.

The Horned Chinese Dragon figure represents the dragons of Eastern folklore, which are quite different from the usual depictions in Western myths. In China, the word for dragon is “Long”, and though they superficially resembled the dragons of medieval Western folklore, as a large scaly serpent, they are quite different in what they represent.

Safari Ltd Horned Chinese Dragon Figure

Horned Chinese Dragon Figure

Chinese dragons symbolize power and control over weather and other elements, but they are also symbols of good luck and good fortune. Rather than a dreadful symbol of evil, dragons in Eastern folklore are seen as wise beings that are a positive force in the world.

Safari Ltd Krystal Blue Dragon Figure

Krystal Blue Dragon Figure

In Western culture, conversely, such as the dragons that are seen in medieval European folklore, these scaly serpents represent something different entirely. These types of dragons are ferocious beasts that knights are meant to slay to prove their courage and worth. These dragons covet gold and jewels, something that can be seen in the Golden Dragon and Jewel Dragon figures. Often, these dragons sit upon vast hoards of stolen treasure.

Safari Ltd Golden Dragon Figure

Golden Dragon Figure

Safari Ltd Jewel Dragon Figure

Jewel Dragon Figure

No matter what kind of dragon toy you’re looking for, Safari Ltd has you covered. With over 50 dragon figurines available, there’s sure to be something for any dragon toy fan. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some helpful info to assist you in deciding which dragon figure is right for you!

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