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1. Preferred Shipping Method- 

All Free Freight orders are shipped Best Way. If a Partner prefers a specific shipping method, they can provide their shipping account details and Safari Ltd. will ship via their preferred shipping method.


2. Shipping Within the United States-

All orders over $100 ship Free Freight.  For shipments outside the US, please contact our friendly Toy Gurus at kEncEmailJOUMAtbgbsjmue/dpn


3. Order Handling-

Safari Ltd. works hard to process our Partners’ orders in a timely manner.  Feel free to check the status of your order by clicking here (link to their orders page) or by contacting your Toy Guru at:

USA Partner: kEncEmailVTBAtbgbsjmue/dpn

International Partner:kEncEmailJOUMAtbgbsjmue/dpn