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Arabian Mare

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There are, technically, no white Arabian horses. Bred in the desert thousands of years ago, Arabians have black skin, which protects them from the sun’s rays. The hair atop that skin may be white, but even in those cases, Arabians are considered grey. As horse lovers know, grey horses tend toward white as they age, and can appear pure white, even though they are not genetically white. Arabians are beloved worldwide today, despite being originally bred over a fairly narrow geographic range. History intervened several times, however, to spread these highly desired animals around the globe. When Muslim armies entered Spain in AD 711 after conquering much of northern Africa, they brought Arabians. When knights returned to Europe from the first Crusade in AD 1095, they brought Arabians. Finally, when the Ottoman Empire began its expansion and conquest in the 13th century, Arabians were spread throughout the world once again. This multi-point contact helped ensure that many modern breeds have Arabian horses in their family trees.

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