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Pachyrhinosaurus Toy

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The first Pachyrhinosaurus remains were discovered in 1945 by geologist O. A. Erdman, at Scabby Butte, Alberta. These bones were sent to Charles M. Sternberg at the Geological Survey of Canada. Following the discovery of more material later that decade, Sternberg eventually recognized it as a new type of horned dinosaur, which he described and named in 1950.

Sternberg named it Pachyrhinosaurus, which means ‘thick-nosed lizard’, in reference to the roughened boss on its nose. This bony boss was first thought to be used as a battering ram, but the bone is actually porous and unsuitable for such a violent function. Similarly, Pachyrhinosaurus’ frill was not solid bone and would have made a poor defensive shield. Instead, its frill may have been colorful, either to attract a mate or to frighten potential attackers.

Pachyrhinosaurus belongs to the Ceratopsia, a group commonly referred to as ‘horned dinosaurs’. Ceratopsians are sometimes called the ‘buffalo of the Cretaceous’ because they lived in large herds. The evidence for this comes from footprints of many dinosaurs all walking in the same direction, and from fossils of multiple ceratopsian skeletons preserved together. Pachyrhinosaurus may therefore have been a social animal.

Three valid species of Pachyrhinosaurus have been named: P. canadensis, P. lakustai, and P. perotorum. P. lakustai differs from the other species in the size and arrangement of its bony bosses, and by having an additional row of short pointed spikes on the middle of its skull behind the eyes.

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