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Spinosaurus Toy

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Spinosaurus has a long history featuring many discoveries that have changed the way we see this dinosaur through the years. First discovered in 1915, it was often depicted as a normal theropod (meat-eating dinosaur) with a large rounded sail on its back.

Later discoveries showed that its head didn’t resemble the deeper skulls of dinosaurs like Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, but was actually long and narrow like a crocodile, well-suited for catching fish.

Even more recent discoveries showed that Spinosaurus had much shorter legs than previously believed, and was much more suited to an aquatic life than most other dinosaurs. Its sail was also re-imagined, with a more irregular, less rounded appearance.

How we view Spinosaurus continues to change as scientists uncover even more information. Recently, Spinosaurus tail remains were discovered that show the animal had a long fin atop its tail! Who knows if even more Spinosaurus discoveries await us in the future?

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