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Plains Zebra Toy

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Many people ask – are zebras white with black stripes, or black with white stripes? By studying the development of baby zebras in the womb, scientists now know – they begin completely dark, and develop the white areas as they grow.

Why are zebras striped? Scientists have been arguing over the answer for over a hundred years. Many theories exist. Some have long believed that the stripes confuse predators, making it hard to tell where one zebra ends and another begins when the animals gather in a herd. More recently, it has been suggested that the stripes may help regulate the animal’s temperature, or might distribute light in a way that helps protect the zebra from biting flies.

The Plains Zebra is a “Near Threatened” species, with a total population of around half a million animals. Its numbers are thought to be declining in many of the African countries where it is found. Hunting is one cause for their decline, while clearing of habitat for farmlands is another. One subspecies of Plains Zebra, known as the Quagga, was hunted by Dutch settlers and became extinct in the late 1800s.

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