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The stories of Pegasus’ birth vary slightly, but they all involve the god Poseidon and the beautiful Medusa. However, because their encounter took place in a temple of Athena, Medusa was cursed. Medusa’s eventual death gave life to the winged horse Pegasus. Pegasus was flown most famously by Bellerophon when the hero defeated the Chimera.


Pegasus shook its wings wearily. The flight to Mount Helicon had been long, and the horse felt thirsty. But wherever it looked, it could see no water. Frustrated, the powerful horse kicked the ground with each hoof. Suddenly, water began to bubble from the four places Pegasus had disturbed the soil. Bubbles became trickles, and trickles became streams! The water began to flow, gurgling down the mountain, sounding almost like laughter or singing. Indeed, it was singing, for Pegasus had awoken the nine muses, the goddesses of art, music, and poetry. They gathered around him, lathering attention on the flying horse. To this day, all who would create call upon the muses, and all artists owe their inspiration in some way to Pegasus, the magical flying horse.

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