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Gnome Child

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Gnomes were first identified fairly recently, just a few hundred years ago. They were at first mistaken for dwarves, until it became obvious that even full-grown gnomes were smaller than dwarves. They love the earth and enjoy digging, just as dwarves do, but they have a sly, impish side, much like elves. Gnomes are common still, most often sighted in gardens, where they occasionally make off with fresh produce or tools. Gnome children are fast and shy around big people, so they’re seldom seen, but any gardener will tell you they are out there!


The tiny gnome child woke up outside, again. He’d fallen asleep munching radishes in the garden of a big person, and now the sun’s warm rays sought him out beneath the leaves.

An impish grin crossed his face before a single thought entered his mind. He knew his Mum would wonder where he’d been, and she’d be angry and her cheeks would turn red. The child loved that.

It was spring, so the fairies flew about gently waking newly sprouted flowers. The little gnome surprised one by yanking a flower stem just as she flew near, sending a cloud of pollen toward her when he let go. He disappeared into a mouse hole before she saw him.

Peeking his head up minutes later, he heard his mother calling. It was time for a little game of hide-and-seek. He smiled. It’s good to be a gnome.

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