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Pegasus - 192 pcs - Good Luck Minis

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The life of Pegasus begins somewhat dubiously, the offspring of the freshly defeated Medusa and the sea god Poseidon, a union that was cursed by the goddess Athena. When Perseus defeated Medusa, the flying horse Poseidon sprang from her body, which was convenient for the hero, who, in some versions of the myth, needed a ride home. In any case, Pegasus was eventually tamed by Bellerophon, and the hero rode the flying horse in battles against Chimera and the Amazons. Bellepheron thought too highly of himself thereafter, and attempted to fly Pegasus to Mt. Olympus. Zeus knocked him down, of course, but Pegasus was permitted to continue. Today, the mythical horse occupies a place in the stars as a constellation.

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