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Midnight Moon Dragon Toy

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Like any other species, dragons are classified by shared traits and characteristics. One family is the Dark Dragons, a class of winged, dark-colored beasts that exit their lairs only after sunset. All are rare, and the family includes Ghost Dragons, Twilight Dragons, Cave Dragons, and, of course, Midnight Moon Dragons. This species is so named because they prefer to fly only during new moons, the darkest of all dark nights. They appear in few stories because even the brave knights of King Arthur’s time knew better than to grapple with the fell midnight moon dragon. Although not fire breathers, they are silent fliers, which, combined with the dark skies they prefer, makes them nearly invisible.


Midnight moon dragons once terrorized dark nights, appearing once every month during the new moon to sweep into villages and raid farms. These dark nights allowed the silent dragons to move about almost undetected, until a brave peasant devised a cunning plan to prevent further attacks on his village. As the sun set on a moonless night, he built a large bonfire, filling the sky with flickering light. The bright flames easily lit up the golden underbelly of a high-flying midnight moon dragon, allowing the village archers to launch a volley of arrows in its direction. None could harm the dragon, but without the element of surprise, the dragon sought easier targets. Thus, the village began a tradition of new-moon bonfires that continues to this day.

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