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Krystal Blue Dragon Toy

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The family of Horned Chinese Dragons separated from the Forest Dragons and Dark dragons millions of years ago, and like much in evolutionary history, geography took care of the rest. However, the unique color of the Krystal Blue species suggests some crossover with Ice or Cloud Dragons in the distant past. Although body shape, wings, and demeanor are dominant genetic traits, less is known about color, as most dragons have adapted to match their surroundings. Dragonologists have theorized that colors more necessary for survival might be dominant traits, which could explain how the colors associated with Ice Dragons could appear in a temperate dragon. When the two species mixed is less of an issue. With several ice ages in the past 40 million years, there were many opportunities for northern dragons to mingle with their temperate cousins.


The farmer couldn’t believe his eyes. Sighting a dragon was rare indeed; in fact, no one had seen a dragon in these parts in a lifetime. But sighting a Krystal Blue dragon defied explanation. They were thought to be only legends, misunderstandings, the results of shadows and clouds. But no, the morning had dawned clear, and he’d arisen early to begin work. Large, fresh tracks on the path in front of his home were impossible to miss. The distinct pattern of claws could only mean one thing. Dragon. Feeling no fear, for dragons inspired good fortune, not angst, in his region, the farmer set down his tools and veered into the forest, following the tracks. Just minutes later, as he approached a stream, he spotted the unmistakable long, snake-like body of a dragon, its head lowered, drinking the stream, its yellow-gold adornments shimmered in the sunlight. Hours later, he emerged from the forest, telling an unbelievable story of luck and riches to all who would hear.

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