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Baby Love Dragon Toy

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Baby love dragons have long been associated with the beginnings of true love. Dragons have a place in almost all cultures, and while some are decidedly malevolent, there have always been good and gracious dragons. Love dragons are some of the sweetest and kindest. Baby love dragons are born when true love is first declared, and a baby grows larger as the couple grows closer. A baby love dragon will stay near a loving couple for as long as they live.


The old love dragon opened its sleepy eyes. Yes, they were still here, holding hands even at the very end. She closed her eyes, thinking back to when she’d first met this happy couple, over 50 years ago. Both had been shy, but they’d fallen in love almost immediately, and the baby dragon had been born in that instant. She’d gotten to know them well, always near, always watching, occasionally whispering reminders to one or the other about why they’d fallen in love. The love dragon had guided the couple through all these decades, and as their time on earth drew to a close, she smiled, knowing that their love would continue forever.

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