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Crystal Cavern Dragon Toy

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It’s possible that the Crystal Cavern Dragon was one of Earth’s very first dragon species. Crystal Cavern Dragons are born in massive geodes deep under the planet’s crust, in places where magma flows and the heat and pressure are unimaginable. Yet inside these geodes are riches untold, massive crystals formed from cooling materials dating back billions of years. As Earth’s crust shifts and shakes, features under the surface are moved and crushed. It’s thought that this pressure could break open a geode, freeing the Crystal Cavern Dragon inside to make its way to the surface through a volcano or another fissure.


The Crystal Cavern Dragon just laughed. Fire couldn’t scare it, and neither could another dragon, no matter how large it was or how many horns it had. The Crystal Cavern Dragon had found a perfect lair, a cool cave at the foot of a snow-covered mountain. Unfortunately, the lair had been inhabited by an angry Cave Dragon that didn’t want to share its home. The beast tried breathing fire first, perhaps thinking the Crystal Cavern Dragon’s light color indicated weakness. However, haven been born among magma, dragon fire felt downright cool. Then the Cave Dragon resorted to charging, its big horns lowered. The Crystal Cavern dragon almost felt bad when the horns shattered against its diamond-hard belly. It had been refined by the greatest heat and pressure imaginable deep inside the Earth. No mere Cave Dragon could stand against it. Forlorn, the disgraced Cave Dragon slouched away, and the Crystal Cavern Dragon proudly settled into its new home.

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