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Albino Burmese Python Toy Snake

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While definitions of the condition of albinism are varied, it typically refers to an organism that lacks the pigment melanin, which is responsible for producing color. Albino animals are typically all white, and usually feature pink eyes. “Albino” Burmese Pythons, while they do meet the broader definition of albinism (a lack of pigment) are more accurately referred to as amelanistic. While it involves a similar lack of melanin, non-mammalian animals such as reptiles produce non-melanin pigments. This means that even without melanin, an amelanistic Burmese Python will show some colors such as yellow or cream-colored markings. While younger “Albino” Burmese Pythons have red eyes, the color usually changes with age. Despite not being true albinos, this is the common name most frequently used for this color morph.

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