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Safari Ltd® has always been a family passion. In fact, the story of the company’s beloved spokesgator, Bernie The Gator, is based upon the real life adventures of Bernard Rubel, the company’s visionary founder, and his wife Rosemarie. From a simple trading card game themed around endangered animals, the company has grown during its 35+ year history to produce almost a thousand different products including wildlife, dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, mythical creatures and dragons.
Today, Bernard’s grandson, Alexandre, guides Safari Ltd® as its CEO, while his wife Christina serves as the company’s President. Together, they’re proud parents to two children, Ocean Ray and Wild, who keep them inspired to continue creating Toys that Teach®.

Safari has that family owned and run spirit that cares. As a small, family run business, Safari understands the unique needs of small, independent retailers and is a strong supporter of ASTRA. By staying true to the company’s founding principles, while also advancing the mission forward by capitalizing on today’s technologies, Alexandre and Christina have poised Safari Ltd® for even greater success in the future.
“There’s magic in what we do,” states Alexandre, “this is what pumps us up as one big Safari family. We love bringing joy to children through Toys that Teach®. It’s an absolute privilege and everyone at Safari takes this to heart every day we come to work.”